Below is a link to the Republican Platform in the 1860 Presidential election.  It was a similar time in history since our country was divided and volatile in 1860, and grows every day towards a division of classes, races, and religions in 2012.  President Lincoln, a Republican, was elected in 1860 and began re-uniting us.  

Republican Platform 1860

Notice that in 1860 the GOP held the same values it does today.


  • progress in all industries
  • using corporations to create higher paying jobs
  • open global free trade
  • legal immigration
  • states rights with smaller Federal government
  • equality as outlined in the Declaration of Independence
  • promotes land ownership and protects private land owners
  • equality among all citizens, naturalized and native
  • environmental protection and upkeep


  • slavery
  • excessive spending

*Nothing on taxes since income tax in the U.S. didn’t begin until 1862

Just looking at the old document is fun…check it out!

Be sure to educate yourself using multiple sources representing both major political parties and bipartisan sources.  Open your mind.  Look up and verify what your hear to be true.  Do some research on the candidates’ voting records.  Find entire video of clips used in negative television and internet ads.  Then, VOTE!  It is your civic duty as an American to verify the truth regarding issues that concern you, and exercising your right to express your opinion at the polls.  Our nation is divided and volatile today, and this is an election of great historical potential.  Don’t go in blind.


Written by Margaret Sullivan, Professional Freelance Writer

Permission granted to share if attributed properly, used in entirety and only for non-profit.

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October 1, 2012 · 2:12 AM

Health Insurance – Just a Thought

I was listening to a few people in my family discuss this issue the other day and this is what I learned:

Since private insurance premiums are so expensive, self insure.  Self insure your business, and/or self insure your own household.  You can do this by:

  • Purchasing an inexpensive major medical policy that has a large deductible.  Be sure the plan will cover at least 90% or more of the total costs of a serious emergency or medically necessary surgery.  Get a high deductible on that major medical insurance.  It will cost less per month, and God forbid an emergency situation needs coverage, chances are you will have enough to cover the deductible and 10% responsibility.  If you find you are unable to do so, medical facilities work well with those who make an attempt to pay.

***You can purchase major medical insurance for under $50 per month.  Dental insurance and prescription plans can be found reasonably priced, as well.***

  • Deposit the amount of money left over from the sum of what you would pay for your insurance premiums.  Let’s say you now have to pay about $500 in per person, per month in health insurance premiums.  So you would bank $420 per month per person after you deduct $50 for major medical premium, $20 for a discounted prescription program, $10 for pet insurance.  When someone is proactive in keeping themselves healthy, the negotiated and agreed upon costs would be covered, paid by this account in cash.  When someone needs medical assistance for an injury or illness, you pull the costs from this account.

***No “referrals”, no “network, and no co-pay (unless you arrange that with your employees.***

  • Visit your primary doctor and any other health professionals you see on a regular basis.  If you talk to your doctors about being uninsured they will usually discount the cost of the visits.   You may find that the cost of the visit exceeds what is in your health care account.

***the doctor’s office will usually allow a mutually agreed upon payment plan to be arranged.***

  • Take advantage of special offers.  Utilize blood drives, free clinics, free pharmacy testing and vaccinations, and the ability to ask your pharmacist questions.  Check the local newspaper or online ads for discounted or free check ups on your teeth, eyes, and heart, and take advantage of them.  You can even include your pets!

***Publix pharmacies offer free antibiotics, and Wal-Mart pharmacies have a discounted generic prescription plan***

You have now saved money by:

  • Negotiating with your health care providers for discounted preventative health care costs.
  • NOT giving your money to a large corporation knowing you will never see it again.  Instead, you are investing your own household, and your own company.  If things go well, it is possible you may be insurable without contributing a premium.
  • Investing in your own household or company would earn interest if invested.  It might be worth hiring a professional stock broker for a short time and learn as much as you can from that person.
  • You will curb unnecessary visits by creating a great line of communication with your doctor’s office.  If you are known well, prescriptions are called in with no required visit with the doctor.  If you have a chronic condition, you will be seeing your doctor on a regular basis anyway.
  • Try more natural remedies like sea salt, lemon juice, massage oils, aloe plants, and bagged frozen peas or crushed ice in a Ziploc bag.  A heating pad, over the counter cold, cough, and sinus or acetaminophen, ibuprofen, naproxen, and aspirin can be helpful, if cleared by your doctor. Going to the beach for the salt air, or taking a steamy shower to break up lung congestion are a few other things you can attempt before you head off to the doctor.  Herbs, vitamins, minerals, and other supplements should always be discussed with your doctor.   Have a first aid kit handy and updated in your home and in your vehicle at all times.
  • In some states, you can have a Health Savings Account (HSA) that is deducted from an employee’s paycheck pre tax.  Therefore, the employees will be saving money on income taxes.

More Benefits:

  • Nobody stands between the decisions you and your doctor make together.  Nobody has rights to your medical records except for your doctor and any other person you authorize.
  • The amount contributed would be equally charged on a per person basis regardless of age, occupation, pre-existing conditions.  As all involved will be covered equally.
  • If you consider this idea, be sure to get a complete physical, discuss cost options with your doctor,  and have a thorough blood work up before you leave your insurance company.  Remember, proactive medical care is much less expensive than waiting until it is too late.

Thanks for your time and attention.  I appreciate it very much.  Please feel free to leave a comment if you’d like to.


Written by Margaret Sullivan, Professional Freelance Writer

Permission granted to share if attributed properly, used in entirety and only for non-profit.

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Partial Birth Abortion…Warning: This may be too graphic for some

Lets start here.  If you can get through the links above without getting sick, angry, or sad, kudos; you are heartless.  Every single time I think about this unbelievably disgusting act, I imagine some kind of satanic ritual.  How can people possibly think that this is acceptable?!!  How can people think this is a “medical procedure”?!!

Now check this out:

I believe the attack on women’s medical rights coming from the left is a desperate attempt to hold on to the White House.  As I have said before, Roe vs. Wade won’t be overturned anytime soon; if ever.  As far as the government forcing Insurance Companies to include contraception in their coverage, that is plain ludicrous.  (Watch for my piece on Sandra Fluke)

I am a woman.  I have a mother, daughters, sisters, and girlfriends, and I am pro-women’s health.  I am a woman with women’s health issues.  I am also responsible for myself, and I know I will suffer consequences (Gal 6:7-8, Job 4:8, Prov 22:8) or reap benefits (Jas 1:12, Mat 16:27, Ezk 8:20) for my actions. This is also called “Karma” in my opinion (  I stand by my pro-life advocates, and I consider myself both pro-life and pro-choice.  I am pro-life because I respect God’s miracles, nature’s amazement, and the protection of the human race.  The unborn child’s life is just that; a human life not yet born.

I consider myself pro-choice because it is a woman’s right, a human right, to choose when and who to have sex with.  (A woman  is a female who has reached the legal adult age of 18 years old) Those choices are nobody’s business but her’s and God’s.  I believe a woman has the right to choose which kind of contraception she wants to use, and how many types, (I always say use two forms)  and it is nobody’s business except for her’s and her doctor’s.   She is free to choose which type of medical insurance she should have; the plan from her employer, the plan she purchases herself, a major medical plan, self insurance, or under necessary and legitimate circumstances, Medicaid.  I believe a woman has the right to choose to keep her baby or legally give it up for adoption to a family who desperately wants to love and raise a child; and again, this should be a private decision between the people involved.

I don’t want to sound like I am a perfect angel.  I am not.  I am not.  I am a sinner, just like everybody else.  We all make mistakes.  I don’t believe we should judge others; it is not in our job descriptions.  We should be leading by example instead of judging.  For those who regret some of their past sins (no matter what they are), forgiveness is yours if you want it; forgiveness from God, yourself, and from others as well.

Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other just as Christ God forgave you.”


Please pay attention, my fellow Americans!  Research for yourselves; use your own brains, debate intelligently,  and let’s make an EDUCATED decision on Election Day!  This is one of the most important elections in our history!

Written by Margaret Sullivan, Professional Freelance Writer

Permission granted to share if attributed properly, used in entirety and only for non-profit.

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Earnings From Hubpages! See My Profile!

Earnings From Hubpages! See My Profile!.

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