Below is a link to the Republican Platform in the 1860 Presidential election.  It was a similar time in history since our country was divided and volatile in 1860, and grows every day towards a division of classes, races, and religions in 2012.  President Lincoln, a Republican, was elected in 1860 and began re-uniting us.  

Republican Platform 1860

Notice that in 1860 the GOP held the same values it does today.


  • progress in all industries
  • using corporations to create higher paying jobs
  • open global free trade
  • legal immigration
  • states rights with smaller Federal government
  • equality as outlined in the Declaration of Independence
  • promotes land ownership and protects private land owners
  • equality among all citizens, naturalized and native
  • environmental protection and upkeep


  • slavery
  • excessive spending

*Nothing on taxes since income tax in the U.S. didn’t begin until 1862

Just looking at the old document is fun…check it out!

Be sure to educate yourself using multiple sources representing both major political parties and bipartisan sources.  Open your mind.  Look up and verify what your hear to be true.  Do some research on the candidates’ voting records.  Find entire video of clips used in negative television and internet ads.  Then, VOTE!  It is your civic duty as an American to verify the truth regarding issues that concern you, and exercising your right to express your opinion at the polls.  Our nation is divided and volatile today, and this is an election of great historical potential.  Don’t go in blind.


Written by Margaret Sullivan, Professional Freelance Writer

Permission granted to share if attributed properly, used in entirety and only for non-profit.

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