About Mmargie1966

Hello everyone.  Lets get started with an introduction.  My name is Margaret Sullivan (Mmargie1966 or Margie) and I am in my mid-40’s.  I was born and raised in South Florida, and currently live in Charleston, South Carolina.  I am happily married, and I am the proud mother of two grown children.  They are exactly alike and totally different.  Not only am I a wife and mother, I am a sister, daughter, aunt, cousin, niece, step-mother, step-daughter, mother-in-law, daughter-in-law, sister-in-law, and soon to be grandmother too.  I love my family, and know much about several types of  relationships.

Oh, there are so many things to tell you, so where do I start?  Well, some of my life’s experiences include unexpectedly becoming the caretaker of a newly handicapped family member.  In addition, I am still suffering, and have for years, from Fibromyalgia Syndrome (FMS) and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS).  I’ve also spent several years working for a nationwide medical staffing agency.  Therefore, I’m familiar with medical terms, diseases, addiction, medications, and street drugs.

For 12 years I worked in government agencies providing the option of drug treatment in lieu of jail time for drug addicted inmates through the Florida State Correctional System and Circuit Courts.   I am familiar with basic Federal and Florida State law and court room procedures.  Training in security and self defense, and first aid techniques were perks from that specific employer.  I held the position of Assistant Director for a Southern Baptist Preschool, earned a Florida State certificate as a child care provider, and raised two children of my own, leaving me quite familiar with child psychology and safe, effective behavior controlling techniques.

I was the bookkeeper for more than one small business, prepared profit and loss reports, created balance sheets, calculated employee payroll and developed organizational spread sheets using Microsoft Excel.  I can type 70 wpm.   I majored in Business Management in college.  I’ve learned much about business management,  marketing, and economics.

I adore my job at Hubpages.com!  I am now a professional writer.  I have written for years, but only as a hobby.  What a joy it is to receive a paycheck for doing what you love!  I also enjoy being an amateur graphic artist, genealogist and researcher, and astrologist.  I am currently attempting to try my luck at DVD production!

I’ve lost almost everything I owned; twice.  I watched my only son go off to war as a United States Marine.  Thank God he came home.  I was a widow at the age of 37.  I rebuilt my life.  I have horror stories about government assistance programs.   I can tell you a few things about fear, mourning, denial, and faith.

Under the definition of a Christian, I am one.  I believe in the Holy Trinity, Father God, Son Jesus, and Holy Spirit.  I believe in Heaven and Hell.  I believe that Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was crucified and buried to pay for my sins and the sins of my ancestors and descendants.  I believe He rose from the grave after 3 days and ascended into Heaven.

Now that I’ve made myself clear regarding religion, I also believe that the most important part of being a Christian is your private, personal relationship with our Lord, God.  Prayer and Meditation are part of communicating with Him.   I also believe that I am not to judge others because I am not qualified.  However, I am not perfect; I am a sinner, but I  try my best.  I will not push my beliefs on anyone, but I’m always open to answer any questions about my faith.  I am not phased by those who believe differently than I do unless they personally insult me.  That’s when I have to practice forgiveness, patience, and tolerance.

I also believe that God gave us gifts of guidance that many Christians don’t believe in or agree with.  I believe we have modern day prophets on Earth.  Granted, there are many scam artists (false prophets) to beware.  Nonetheless, there are those who have the gift to see, hear, dream, and feel events to come.  I study  Astrology to learn about myself and others.  I do not use it as a fortune telling tool.  I believe that the stars are one of many gifts from God to bring us closer as human beings and strengthen relationships.  Each of us has a birth chart, or individual map of the sky at the moment we are born.  It is seen from the exact place we are born.  It is as individual as a finger print.  If you get to know someone’s natural personality, emotions, actions/reactions, and values, it is much easier to achieve tolerance and understanding of that person. See: http://www.gotquestions.org/astrology-Bible.html

I am a moderate conservative.  I believe Capitalism is what built this country and made it the super power of the world, and Capitalism will revive it.  I believe the role of the government is to protect the people and their rights to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  I also believe the role of the government is to ensure we would never be ruled under a dictatorship, monarchy, fascist, socialist, or communist party.   I believe the government works for the citizens, and should be as small as possible.  Social programs should be monitored closer.  Illegal immigration should be taken under control and legal immigration reconstructed.  These are just a few subjects I would like to get into on this blog.

More Personal Views

I believe in our nearly flawless United States Constitution; the document that is the backbone of our greatness.  We have overcome so many obstacles, and we all have as much equality as possible.  We will never live in Utopia until we go to Heaven, or we live long enough to experience the 1,000 year reign.  I believe in the equal opportunities the Constitution offers to everyone living in this generation and beyond.  This country was built on the backs of hard working people of all races, religions, gender, and political parties.  We did it together.  Now let’s take what we have learned from the past and move forward in equality.

I believe that charity is abundant among the kind hearted people of this country including all races, religions, and cultures.  We are generously taking care of each other at home and helping our allies abroad.  We don’t need to be forced into practicing benevolence through taxes and government control.  I believe we have more than enough social programs for those who really need help.  I have needed assistance from these programs, myself.  I have also worked hard and made contributions to these programs.  Some of them truly need to be restructured, downsized, or eliminated to reduce waste and become more citizens serving.

I believe our nation will thrive if our old fashioned work ethic returns and the next generations adopt it.  I speak of the work ethic of our parents and grandparents who were able to provide opportunities for us to achieve greater comfort.  I DO NOT believe anyone is entitled to anything other than the God given rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.  (Gen 2:7, Lev 25:10, Ecc 2:26)  I am against Affirmative Action as it is today.

I believe abolishing income taxes and adding a flat Federal sales tax is fair and economically beneficial.  All income will be taxed equally at the same rate for each person regardless of their social class.  All income acquired illegally will be taxed at the same rate.  I believe programs like Public Primary Education, Social Security and Medicare should be privatized or on a voucher system, yet monitored by the Federal government.  I am firm in my opinion that Obamacare is dangerous and private insurance companies should be allowed to compete nationally.  This will lower healthcare costs and increase quality of care.

I call myself a Moderate Conservative for a few reasons.  95% of what the GOP stands for is identical to my beliefs, as well.  However, I agree with some liberal-labeled issues.

I believe we should legalize, for those over 21, growing, harvesting, and having an open market on Hemp plant products.  Herbs, oils, and ancient remedies have had great success for many of us.  Like any of the items we consume, I support the government regulating this industry.  I DO NOT agree with those who lobbying for the pharmaceutical companies.  I believe they are doing us more harm, than good.  God knew He was providing us with natural medicines.  That being said, I also believe He has Blessed us with modern medicine to improve our quality of life and, in many cases, prolong life.  However if the minor things are corrected early, most major medical issues can be prevented.

I do not encourage homosexual behavior, and I believe that the definition of marriage indicates it is a lifelong commitment between a man and a woman.  However, I also feel that it is not my place to judge the sin of anyone else.  We all are sinners, God says each sin is equal, and we will each answer to God for our own individual sins.    We are not banned from Heaven by our sin, because the punishment was taken from us by our Lord Jesus Christ.  I believe that love is love when given truly.  Those who feel they are different from the traditionalists still have the right to love and be loved, and are loved by God.  This is a terrific, wonderful, Godly thing!  I believe that a compromise by offering a “Legal Civil Union” so that it parallels legal treatment of a traditionally married couple, is fair.  I do not believe the Gay Community needs any other special treatment, since that is really the only difference.

I’m partially green.  I recycle, conserve energy and water when I can, and work from home.  I think, from a realistic view, we need big oil, energy alternative, and other large companies in order to transition over to greener energy sources.  What we don’t need is government watchdogs; but rather good hearted, intelligent people who don’t mind taking 2 seconds to make a difference by conserving one or more of our valuable natural resources.  As for those big companies, they are probably well invested in the future energy sources, as well.  We are all in this together.

Welcome to my blog!  You can see this read should be very diverse, passionate, and debatable.  And, now you know me.  I am a “Jackie of all trades and master of none.”  I pray you enjoy yourself and are enlightened and/or entertained.  Please feel free to leave your opinion, however keep in mind that comments will not approved if they contain profanity or disrespect.


Be sure to visit http://mmargie1966.hubpages.com

Ephesians 4:32, “Be kind and compassionate to one another, forgiving each other just as Christ God forgave you.”


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